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Making Tomorrow better

The extract of spirulina, your ally for everyday !
extrait liquide de spiruline

Why extract of spirulina ?

Today, our diet no longer allows us to meet all of the daily intake required by our body.

It becomes essential to have a solution to fill the lack of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements and thus ensure that our body can replenish energy and defend itself from everyday attacks.

Nutribloo Extract of spirulina is here to provide you with vitality, energy and immunity.


Vous allez l'adorer!

Un extrait de spiruline 100% naturel :

Contient 0% glycérine et 0% alcool

Notre procédé d'extraction innovant et unique nous permet de produire une formulation à froid de Spiruline liquide de haute qualité, très riche en Phycocyanine ! (critère de qualité de la Spiruline)

Avec son bon goût, l'extrait de spiruline Nutribloo sera votre allié pour vos besoins quotidiens.



They tested it for you.

Here is what Nutribloo spirulina extract can do for you.

I chose Nutribloo spirulina for a new challenge: running my first marathon before my next birthday.

After 3 months of treatment and regular training, I am satisfied with my progress and really convinced that spirulina helps me achieve my goals!


Healthy specialist

I have been consuming this spirulina since its release, it helps me with my daily training load.

I stopped for 15 days, and in terms of recovery I had a big slump!

The taste is great and it is easy to take. Very high quality!



This is the first time I try and I admit that I was a little skeptical before buying!

I am very surprised at the beneficial effect and delighted to have discovered Nutribloo.

I quickly felt the difference, now I’m enjoying off-day after intense weeks!



More about spirulina extract 

Discover our blog on spirulina and its benefits.

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